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When exactly is “Gods Time”?

Posted on | January 17, 2011 | No Comments

There have been several important experiences in my life, where afterwards I’ve been astounded at the “perfect timing” of something. Sometimes it’s been the visit at just the “right time” from someone whom I needed to see. There have been many times where someone has said something at just the “appropriate time” for me. There have been times where I’ve done something just “in time”. Have you had times like that?

Last night at Syndal Baptist – I preached the final message of a series about “time”, looking specifically at “Gods Time” and some of the important assumptions that fuel my belief that Gods leadership in my life is the best leadership I could follow. God created time, God is above time, and God works at the “right time” …these were the three key truths. There is always going to be LOTS of grey in terms of what exactly the “right time” is, however – and this is perhaps the real answer that I seek when I ask questions of God and his timing

In the bible, there are more than 100 references to the phrases “the right time”, “the appropriate time”, “in due time”, and “the time had come”. And each carry this sense of that “time” not just being random, not being a force of fate – but actually being “Gods Time”… the time He had planned, the time He was anticipating, the time that He thinks best. In coming days, I’ll blog more specifically about this!

I feel like I spend a lot of my time waiting for the “right time”… and as an impatient person, this is very character building for me. All of us at some point have dreams about our future – dreams about the kind of person we’ll become, the kind of people we’ll have as friends, the kind of person we’ll marry, the kind of kids we’ll have, the kind of career path we’ll follow, the kind of financial situation that we’ll be in…. and we may also have dreams for others in our lives – dreams for our kids, dreams for our friends and so on. Rarely has my actual timeline matched up to the ones that I’ve dreamt up…. Has that been your experience? Waiting seems to be something that we need to be good at.

The bible speaks about this in a number of places. My favourite is found in Isaiah 30:18, and in the NLT it says But the Lord still waits for you to come to Him, so He can show you his love and compassion. For the Lord is a faithful God. Blessed are those who wait for him to help them.”

What these passages DO NOT promise…

  • God will give you what you what because you waited the right way.
  • God will honour every desire of your heart because you wait for him to provide them.
  • God will always meet our expectations if we wait long enough.

 What this passage DOES promise…

  • God will be what you need regardless of all else.
  • Gods love and compassion are not connected to the circumstances of our lives.
  • God waits… For us.

God created time, is above time, and works at the “right time” … and sometimes, Gods timing and mine are quite as in sync as they ought to be. I can sync my phone with the push of a button, but I can’t sync Gods heart and my heart, and Gods plans with my expectations that easily. If only we all could! The truth is that if we could simply run a “sync” and be happy – we may well be asking more of God than he wants to offer. God invites us to trust Him, even while we’re waiting – and waiting is often for me like a cancer to trust. While I’m waiting – I need to know what to focus on to maintain the right level of trust to see me through to the “right time”. I’ll write some more about that next time!

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