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Time… where does it go??

Posted on | January 4, 2011 | No Comments

Time … where does it go?

Have you ever wondered where time went? Maybe you got totally engrossed in a movie or a book, played Playstation or Xbox, or maybe it was in conversation with a real person… I know that each of those settings and more are environments where it has at times felt as if time disappeared. Another reminder of the passing of time is New Years Eve. Amongst all the things said on that night, it was the number of times that people said to me “I can’t believe how fast this year has gone!” that was almost getting annoying after a while. It makes me wonder if time is actually in fact speeding up?

At the 6pm service at Syndal Baptist Church through the month of January, we are spending three weeks looking at three passages with something to say about “Time”. On January 2, we looked at Psalm 90 and in particular the middle verse which said “Teach us to number our days, so that we may gain a heart of wisdom”.  Amongst the other things we looked at, we focused on the idea that all our days are numbered, and thus every second of our lives counts.

That  phrase “teach us to number our days” has been translated many ways from its original language.  However you read it – it’s a life changing principal. It means to live like every second of your time counts (or is important), it means to live like today might be your last day, it means to live as if you can’t come back tomorrow, and it also means to “count your blessings” and be appreciative and aware of what has been and not just what is to come. I’ll write more about these four things through this week.

Those four things – if applied to life – should change it! The reaction of many though, is to simply feel a mix of pressure, guilt, shame and frustration about how we spend our time when we think about such things. I know that I feel that – especially when I’ve failed for no good reason to make the most of the hours in a day (and watching a whole day of Test Cricket IS a good investment of time).

The writer of Psalm 90 was Moses, a man whose best years were spent leading a group of people as they wandered around the desert waiting to get into the “promised land”. It seems that his disappointment or regret become something other than a negative though  – in fact I reckon it built a resolve to literally make every second count, that motivated and stirred him to do life differently.  His life certainly mattered long before he wrote this – but his choice of words gain weight when you think about his context and life story.

Often – its hindsight that allows us to see what could be different. Or its when people get older that they start to live life like every second counts because they capture a sense of what it means to have limited time! I’m praying for more of the kind of motivation and resolve that Moses had in 2011, before too much time is wasted or passes and I realise that I can’t do what I could do in the time that is left.

Andy Stanley from Northpoint Church taught a series on this that I’ve listened to and drawn some insights from. You can watch or listen to those messages here .

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