Adam Hince

The musings of Syndal Baptist Church's Gen Y and Beyond Pastor

When exactly is “Gods Time”?

There have been several important experiences in my life, where afterwards I’ve been astounded at the “perfect timing” of something. Sometimes it’s been the visit at just the “right time” from someone whom I needed to see. There have been many times where someone has said something at just the “appropriate time” for me. There […]

“My days are numbered…”

“My days are numbered….” This was the idea we spent some time looking at in our 6pm Service at Syndal Baptist  on January 2. We took it from Psalm 90, a part of the bible written by Moses, in which he asks God this… “Teach us to number our days, so that we may gain […]

Time… where does it go??

Time … where does it go? Have you ever wondered where time went? Maybe you got totally engrossed in a movie or a book, played Playstation or Xbox, or maybe it was in conversation with a real person… I know that each of those settings and more are environments where it has at times felt […]