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Syndal Baptist 6pm service

These are the notes from the message shared by Darsh Ayton on January 17.  All the work is hers, so don’t credit me with any of it! With her permission I’ve posted it here for those who like to have a closer look. _______________________________________________ Syndal Baptist Church :: 6pm Service, January 17, 2010  Philippians Chapter […]

“Christian Culture” … what is it?

Last night – at the 6pm service at Syndal Baptist Church, one of our Young Adults, Darsh Ayton,  shared a message that was really challenging and rich for those who were there.  I will make available her notes from that message in a serparate post. The part of the bible from which Darsh shared is a […]


Something very powerful happens when a group of people come together as one. Most of the time – we only truly experience this when we face a crisis, when we grieve the loss of someone or when we share a stressful experience. Its as if we need to be pushed into being “one”…despite the fact […]

The most risky New Years resolution ever!!

I was reading the news paper on Sunday – both of the major Melbourne ones actually – and both had feature articles about celebrities and the resolutions they have made for 2010. It was a fascinating read… at least initially!   In The Age, there was also an article that spoke of the amount of […]