Adam Hince

The musings of Syndal Baptist Church's Gen Y and Beyond Pastor

Vision… “seeing what God sees that I can’t see”.

“Vision … seeing what God sees that I can’t see”.  This definition of vision might not make it into Al Reis next book on marketing, or Jim Collins next management text… but it is one that I heard a young person say recently that has stuck in my mind. If you’re reading this – and […]

The Principle of the Path… Part 2

Its rare these days that I read a whole book in one week – two kids make life far too much fun to have my head in books as much as I used to ! But I did read the whole book “The Principle of the Path” last week. One reason that I did is […]

Flash Forward!

Quick confession… I’m a sucker for new TV shows that start with a “bang”. I don’t watch heaps of TV (except for sport and films!) but when I do, I get a bit obsessive. “FlashForward” grabbed me last week… if you didn’t see it, you should! Its a story about everyone in the world “blacking […]

My first Blog…

Hi world… whilst having no idea whether anyone other than my wife and children will read this – I’m nervously stepping into the cyber world in a new way! I’m increasingly daunted by how much contact people have with the “online world”. During the church service I was involved in last Sunday night – I noticed […]